Expert Witness

I have provided expert witness services for both plaintiff and defense attorneys for:

  • Drowning physiology

  • Drowning Resuscitation

  • Lifeguarding

  • Water Safety

Expert Witness Fees (Subject to change):

  • Retainer

    • $4000, non-refundable

    • Billing to be deducted from retainer and a request for additional retaining fees will be requested once this balance is below $500. Unused portions of additional retainer are refundable.

  • Services

    • Review of documents, documenting, opinion formulation, deposition/trial preparation, phone or live conversation with client or case-related individuals, writing reports - $400/hr

    • Testimony at depositions, mediation, or arbitration - $450/hr

    • Testimony in court - $500/hr

Sample expert witness agreement contract and references available upon request


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Drowning Expert Witness - Consultant - Emergency Medicine Physician

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